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Mouse is a small computer programming language developed by Dr. Peter Grogono in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was originally intended as a small, efficient language for microcomputer systems with limited memory. However, it is an interesting language in its own right, and illustrates some of the concepts involved in creating a simple interpreter for a programming language.

There are three dialects of Mouse described here:

  • Mouse-79 - The original dialect described in Byte Magazine in 1979 [1].
  • Mouse-83 - The version described in Grogono's 1983 book, Mouse: A Language for Microcomputers [2]. This version has some different syntax than the 1979 version, but the language is otherwise very similar.
  • Mouse-2002 - This is a new version I've recently developed. It's based on Mouse-83, and includes numerous extensions: floating-point support, arrays, file I/O, etc.
Click on the links above (or to the left) for more details on each version. I've included the source code for each interpreter, and some sample programs.


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  2. Grogono, Peter. Mouse: A Language for Microcomputers. Petrocelli Books, New York, 1983.

Web sites

  1. Grogono, Peter.   The Mouse Programming Language
  2. Fuller, Sean.   The Great Mouse Programming Language Revival
  3. Hunt, Tom.   Friends of the Mouse
  4. Bradley, Lee.   Mouse, the Language
  5. Wikipedia article

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